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Commercials and Military Videos

WARNING! Some content may be offensive.
Stock Market Commercials

Ameritrade Bull and Bear Diner Commercial___8 Meg

Ameritrade Bull and Bear Billiards Commercial

Ameritrade Bull and Bear Coffee Shop Commercial

E-trade Chimp on Horse going through the Dot Com Graveyard Commercial___1 Meg

E-trade the Matrix Commercial___1 Meg

Why the market continues to go up, Pigs really do fly. British Financial Commercial___1.5 Meg

SNL skit mocking the Charles Schwab Relax Commercial___4.3 Meg

E-trade Money coming out the wazoo___1.0 Meg

Military Videos

New - Why California is banning the 50 cal sniper rifle. Warning, though long range and hard to see, it is still graphic real footage from Afganistan___2.4 Meg

New - 500 lb precision bomb taking out Iraqi target filmed by Army video on ground___2.4 Meg

Warning, this may be offensive to some viewers. This is actual Infra Red Camera Video from an AC-130 Gunship aka Puff-the-Magic-Dragon as they fly above view, at night and methodically kill everyone in an Afganastan Camp.___5.6 Meg

Rarely seen touching Air Force Commercial___2.4 Meg

Over view of Air Force Job___3.4 Meg

Bomber Video after 9-11-01 set to AC/DC "I feel safe in NY City"___6.8 Meg

Very Offensive Language but great Video of Salute to Military Set to Thrash Metal Band "Grouchy"___6.3 Meg - Note near the end rare video of new JSF Fighter opening "Sucker Doors" and repositioning Rear Exhaust for Vertical Take off

B-52 Video set to the song Boom. Some good Pearl drops, WCMD drops and a JDAM strike__5.9 Meg

Another graphic one. This is actual Infra Red Camera Video from a helicopter gun camera as they mow down 3 soldiers. New 21 Jan 04_____4 Meg


9-11 Tribute Flash___7 Meg - Please be patient as this will take a long time to load due to it's size